Monday, December 19, 2011

One evening at a time ....

we get closer to Christmas Eve.
The tree lights are shining brightly most evenings ... at least if I remember to plug them in.
The floor is still safe from needles, although I don't know how.
I do about as good at remembering to water the tree as I do at many other things.
The excitement of packages under the tree continues to grow.

Snowmen meet citrus that I found on sale at Albertson's this week.

And best of all ... all of our children are in Phoenix right now.
I didn't think we'd have them all home for Christmas, but through a miracle ... we will!
I have someone in the kitchen now who eats leftovers.
He still doesn't want his picture taken, but he is willing to give Mom a shoulder rub here and there.

Apple pie smells fill the house this evening.
I was quite sure the apples were not going to survive until Wednesday and
didn't check them until after the pie crust was thawed.
They would have survived, but by then it was too late.
Christmas pies are baked!

And ... the coffee beans.
I have taken to grinding a bunch of beans at a time.
This evening was coffee bean grinding time if I want any java at 4:00 in the morning.
That isn't a case of want ...
it's a downright must!

We made our last trip to the post office this afternoon. Kind of late, but so it goes.
I have a post office here that I absolutely love.
The line is never long.
Until today.
Today Tia and I ran to the post office and I started laughing.
It looked like I was at the Palmer post office.
And then I really laughed ... with gratitude to Ship and Click.
My stuff was stamped with postage and all I needed to do was drop it off.
Ooohhh ... I love it!

Two gifts left to wrap before Saturday.
Final baking slated for Wednesday.
Costco trip for ham and dinner fixin's on the schedule.
Somewhere we need to fit in a Birthday evening for Tia who turned 15 on Sunday.
Happy Birthday Sunshine!
For the past 3 years we have had a houseful of visitors following the Sunday School Program
to celebrate her special day.
This year we couldn't do that and the schedules between Christmas parties and work
schedules are just a bit challenging somedays.
And a plan to enjoy a few sights of the Christmas season the end of the week.
My goal is probably lofty, but a goal it is!

... and share a cup of Christmas Tea ...

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