Wednesday, August 10, 2011

.... we're rolling .....

The final inspection was done yesterday.
A phone call yesterday evening assured me that I could start packing.
That means disassembling a life,
as well as catching up on "assembling" other little pieces.

Grandma K makes graduation quilts for all the grandkids.
Someday I must showcase them for you. At least the ones that I have in my house.
Alyx's needed the tag attached.
It has been sitting on my dresser for a looong time.
Last night I finally took 5 minutes and attached it!
These little things just seem to be my undoing!

Oreo finds any spot of fabric she can ... always.
It doesn't matter what I'm working on. If there is an available surface ... she perches.

I sorted pages that I've been collecting into my Ideas & Dreams binder.
I'm all about 3 ring binders. Let's just say I have many of them.
I've even gotten so bad as to put grown kids' income tax returns into labeled binders.
This one happens to be my dream book.
I love flipping through magazines and ripping out pages.
Some of those pages eventually get tossed because I've moved past the idea.
Other times ... they hang around ....

and I continue to dream.

Today was my day off and we started the obvious work.
It is one thing to start emptying pantries and cupboards that no one sees.
At least in my mind, it is a different thing to move things that make my house a home.
Another one of my children who is afraid of heights, yet scaled the ladder perched on top of the kitchen benches to take down my forest from up there.

Yikes! It really is up there a bit! Empty and scrubbed.

Vivian spent the day with us today. I think I said many times today that having her here for an entire day is a whole lot different from several hours. Without her mom here, I even got called "mom" and we were able to catch a full day of her action. She's quite the little helper girl!

On to the collection of white glass. I have been spoiled with my collecting.
They're clean, wrapped, packed and the box is taped shut.

The zucchini is cleaned out of the freezer ...
and formed into loaves.
Has to be my favorite bread ever.
If you want the recipe, jot me a note and I'll share.

I picked up Mariah today and she spent the afternoon over here.
Girl time out in the sunshine.
We had rain again today, but we also had sun.
It's amazing how at 50 and raining, I'm ready for boots and jacket.
At 50 and sunshine ... it's tank top (well, almost) and flip flops.
I got both today.

We also managed a dentist appointment today with Anna.
By the end of the month we're scheduled for wisdom teeth extraction for Anna.
Root canal for myself.
Good times, hey?
In between that, we'll pack.
We'll pick berries.
We'll make jelly.
We'll can salmon.
Oh yeah .... and we have Silver Salmon fishing to do!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are now onto the next step of your move ... not that moving is much fun but at least you can move forward with the plans. The canned salmon sure sounds good. Enjoy all the projects and good luck on the packing.
~ Joyce

mom said...

The canned salmon was much better than the canned salmon from the store. We enjoyed some at noon today.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Glad to hear that all is coming along nicely. Good luck with all the projects and packing. Can't wait to see you all here in AZ! :)
Brita R