Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It has been a very busy week.

I'm back.
Mom and Dad left this morning.
We probably did a little too much running and little resting.
Mom has a way of catching little lung bugs easily and ended up feeling
very punky on Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend.
A visit to the clinic yesterday morning, some antibiotics, another day of rest ....
and today they are off to Skagway and then working their way back home.
Sure was fun to have them!
I didn't take a camera absolutely everywhere we went and I did work 40 hours last week, so they went places without me as well.
It will take a few days, it will be photo heavy but I'll share!

A visit to the old Matanuska Townsite on Monday.

" .... and over there ...."

 Note the hospital visible in the background.

Buildings long ignored and forgotten. I wonder who lived in them and what kind stories those walls could tell.

An eagle perches over the stream.

Our cameras weren't nearly fast enough. We saw several beautiful males in addition to these younger ones.

 I thought that maybe some sort of whirlwind had blown by and dropped some gold colored leaves in my yard. None of the trees seemed to be changing, yet I had loose leaves under the clothesline. Monday brought evidence of the coming of fall.

 Autumn is most definately around the corner.


We were hoping to close on our house today,
instead we're still waiting on the appraisal.
The nerves are just short of shot.

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