Thursday, August 25, 2011


Closing was planned for Tuesday afternoon.
We didn't close.
Today (at least in my time zone for the next 23 minutes) I was off and had a list 3 miles long of things to accomplish.
House closing completed or not ... we're packing.
Then we had a surprise visit from these folks this morning.

I have an entire post worth of ideas about lenders and their requirements today.
I also have some serious opinions about which lender I'll agree to use in the future.
However, they started surveying property lines and property pieces.
Remeasure the house yadayada.
We were inside chuckling when they headed for the greenhouse.
Movable structures that will now be included on the As Built.

The chuckling turned to near hilarity when she went to the chicken coop.
I couldn't contain myself.
The first picture ended up fuzzed ... I went back out for a second one.
Then Jari and I had to go talk to the other guy and find out what the dickens was going on.
I just don't get it.
Can you tell I'd be no good whatsoever working for a government agency?
It was almost as good as our Pictionary game last week!

Dear Duke also had an outing today.
For the first time ever he went to the groomer.
We thought he needed a haircut before he hits the heat of Phoenix.
He didn't get cut (might get sunburnt ya know) but he looks fabulous.
I swear he was smiling in that bathtub!

Alyx spent a good part of the day over here helping out.
She delivered a set of bunk beds to its new owner.
We moved her bed back to her apartment .....

and we did some serious wrapping.
I'm not kidding when I say it was starting to feel a bit like the paper busy of Christmas!

We packed ... we sorted for another sale on Friday ...

 and we pitched. Dried flowers aren't suppose to be good in a home according to something or another. I happen to love them. I'll just have to accumulate some more!

Rooms are emptying and box piles are growing.
Except for the living room photo, all these were taken this (Wednesday) morning.

I was also a bit crazy. Maybe more than a little bit.
Two batches of pulla dough came out of the bread machine today, making me feel that I can now pack that away.
Three batches of strawberry rhubarb something or another (actually one batch of jam and two of intended ice cream topping) went through the water bath today.
A trip to WalMart for another stack of totes and to replace the wrong lids we picked up the other day.
A trip to Target for antibiotics for Tia.
Several trips to Palmer to drop off and pick up Anna from work.
At one point I ran a stop light and decided it was nap time ... got that in as well!

Now it is time for bed ... 9 minutes to pumpkin hour.
Vivian is coming to play with us for the day tomorrow.
Duke is going to the vet to get his required immunizations and a health card that enables him to travel.
Anna has an appointment in the morning for impacted wisdom teeth extraction. I'm quite anxious to sit there and read my book for several hours.
Then .... we have a yard sale to put together and two more rooms to empty!

We are not making it to Fairbanks. I'm starting to wonder if I'll even make it fishing! Fry bread at the fair?

I'll be there.


Anonymous said...

Wow. sounds like the sun is shining in Alaska in inspite of everything..make sure it is a a good book at the dentist for that well deserved break and grab more maps of Alaska on your way out so you can do a wall down here :) Connie

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you get all that done!! You're one busy lady. Sorry about all the inspection difficulties. Hopefully soon though. We sure are going to miss you Anita. Oh and if you happen to run out of things to do come on over. I got stuff to keep you busy :)

The Rudstroms said...

All those things boxed up like that kind of makes me sad.