Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday evening at Jim's Creek.

I am quite certain that I am right.
My mom will never consent to that drive again.
The one into Jim's Creek.
I think we told her it was a bit bumpy.
Oh. My. Goodness.
I should have had the camcorder on while we drove in.
I did video the drive out. The drive in would have been priceless.
I hope she agrees with me that all the bouncing is worth it.

Shane, Liz and family with more family joined us out there.

 Aaron with Kedric, Liz with Koltar, Tia

Jade helping Daddy fish.
She enjoyed being out there, even if her brothers were a little less than impressed.

My friend Kelsey.

Someone managed to have a four wheeling accident while we were out there
and were flown out by chopper.
(Tia and the boys went to look. Not me.)

The transport rig is a bit interesting, hey?

Grandma wasn't doing any fishing.
She worked on her handwork in the truck and bopped out to snap a few photos.

Grandpa had that line in the water ....

his son-in-law looked for fish ripples ....

his daughter fished.

Hmph. This fishing thing. It gives us pictures of our backsides and not much else!
In any event, I could stand out there just tossing a fishing line until the embers are nearly gone ....

 and sunlight has left the water.

So beautiful is this nature that God has created for us.
Maybe the drive isn't so bad.
Grandma made it out with a full bladder after all.


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Grandma said...

Too bad the camcorder wasn't on to
record my comments going in! It was quite a ride!!