Thursday, August 4, 2011

Watching the salmon run.

Monday evening Jari led us down to Fish Creek to watch the salmon run.

It is just one of so many streams in Alaska running with salmon at this time of year.
We attempted dipnetting here as a family several years ago, but I've never seen the fish running up the stream.

We are easily entertained!

Continuous splashes coming up and we counted ... over and over again.
That evening, I think something like 14,000 salmon went up the creek.
We were seriously wishing for that bale counter thing!

Hi there hon!

After a trip down to the creek bank, climbing over guard rails was a bit challenging,
new knee or not!

It was worth the trip. Some very red salmon ... hoards of them!

Monday evening we went without Grandpa's camcorder.
Tuesday evening we went back again.
This time the fish were lower down the stream.
Grandma & I stayed with the car while the others tromped down to catch video.
Back to the bridge again .... 

Fireweed in full bloom.

Evidence of bears' recent fishing as well.

I think we got enough photos and video to last a while!

Tuesday also included a trip to the hospital for an MRA for Jari.
He had been having some serious headaches, fuzzy vision and symptoms that sounded
to me like impending stroke.
A doctors visit on Monday got us an order for what we needed.
Grandpa brought Jari for the exam which turned out just fine.
Might have been musculature in nature.
Maybe too much fishing? Either way, we're quite relieved.
Blood supply is flowing freely to the brain.
In the meantime, I managed to print off Durable Medical Power of Attorneys for both of us and Living Wills. They are half done. We need to complete them and get them notarized. Doesn't hurt to have them done in any event.
I tried to make it a family activity and have all of us do them.
That didn't work out very well.
Eye exam next on the list for Jari.


Thursday evening update on the house sale.
I'm starting to feel like I'm writing a time warp novel.
At least this is only from week to week not year to year!
We were suppose to close on the house this week.
We didn't.
It is now scheduled for the 23rd of August.
Looks like we're back to the Wing It Plan.
Am trying real hard to remember that
Man plans and God decides.

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