Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday and Saturday ... of last week

G & G did some touristy things during the week.
They went to the Transportation Museum, the Alaska Native Heritage Center, the Tsunami Warning Center, got the oil changed in the car and never managed the haircut.

Friday evening we took several cars and headed south. The gals several hours behind the guys. The guys hit the Kenai River and started fishing. We didn't get there until after midnight. After they were done fishing, we drove to Ninilchik to set up a tent or two and sleep for a few hours. G & G slept in the vehicles, I have never been so glad to stretch out in a tent. Couldn't quite believe it myself.

In the morning 4 of the group left for a halibut charter, my car load plus Jari headed to spend the afternoon in Homer.
Breakfast at the Caribou Family Restaurant ....

and then on to Ulmer's.
I didn't realize that the store front would have signs for all the things this "hardware" store holds. The back corner is chalk full of fabric. Yummy fabric. In towns where Walmarts and Targets don't exist, the hardware store is one stop shopping for everything.

On down to the Homer Spit.
Anna S was with us for the excursion. Super fun to have her along.

Artwork galore with plenty of shops to browse through ...  

and a great coffee shop when you're ready to just sit a spell.

Down to the waters edge to see if we could score a starfish ... which we did!
I was plumb out of starfish and needed another one.
We found many rocks for Grandma's Grandchildren Rock Garden.

This bell tolls for all the souls set free upon the sea.

It was a breezy day in Homer, but the sun was shining and the weather warm.

We didn't have time to get everything in.
Some of it must wait for the next trip to Homer.
Fred texted us that they were on their way in from fishing and we sort of
flew down there with the hope of seeing them come in.
We made it!

The halibut were small, but they got some!

Amber probably won't appreciate this photo, but she knows it exists. :)
Someday this child will tell his/her siblings that he/she got to go on a halibut charter!
At least if he/she is anything like my own!

The filleting of delicious fish!

Jari spent the afternoon with us in Homer. He sat in the car and tied hooks so we
could head out fishing again after the halibut charter was over.
Good guy, eh?

After the fish was in the cooler, it was back to the Kenai River again.
For those of you who don't live here and have no clue what kind of travel I'm talking about ....
 4 hours from my house to the Kenai River.
45 minutes further driving to Ninilchik where we slept and the charter left from.
45 minutes further driving to Homer.
We drive a lot here.
Fishing season means sitting on your tookus in the car seat.

We did hit the Kenai River and my camera stayed in the car.
I caught salmon.
That would be a major accomplishment for this gal.
I don't catch fish ... as a general rule.
Amber was my fish netter and I learned something Saturday.
I love the net.
It sure beats the dickens out of backing up on shore, slipping and sliding on slippery
rocks ... just knowing you're about to plop down sitting.
Unless your helper is wearing shorty rubber boots and then she's soaked!
The laughing was worth nearly peeing our pants.
We fished for several hours and then headed home.
Made it home about midnight Saturday night!

Is it any wonder Mom didn't feel good on Sunday?!


Today I am finding it hard to believe that this excursion was only a week ago.
Jari went to Phoenix last night.
He's sweltering and I'm thinking about putting on a sweatshirt at the moment.
The sun of the morning has gone into hiding this afternoon and
the porch is a whopping 63F.
Blanket weather to be sure!


grandma said...

We had just an awesome time. Did
and saw lots, more than I expected to see and do. Thank you all.

Susan Stevenson said...

I took a photo of those colored rainboots with the flowers in them, and it was on display at my First Friday event this past weekend. I loved stumbling upon them when we were in Homer.

Looks like you had a fabulous time!