Sunday, August 21, 2011

Garage sale success!

We had it all set up Thursday evening and I went to work on Friday.
Absolutely perfect if you ask me.
Don't tell them I said that!
A huge tarp got stretched to cover a nice space outside what we call the "tarp garage".
This little bugger came in quite handy!
There weren't many rain drops, but it did keep out the few that showed up!
Then there were the other visitors .... leaving little tidbits for the shoppers.
Free range. Free garage sale. Whatever.
My season of canning is probably over.
I saved a few jars to make some jelly in the next week
and we are canning salmon.
The rest ... they went away.
We were entertained by these little munchkins.
Naomi spent the day chasing chickens while Nolan spent a moment trying to feed them.
There is always time for play.
 We're taking a few things with us.
This would happen to be one of them.
Not the flowers, rather the patio heater.
 If you come to visit me at my next abode in the chill of the evening ...
I'll serve you coffee under the heater.
I could almost get giddy thinking about it!

By the way ... we had so much fun we're doing it again next Friday!

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jenny said...

looks like fun! Did you sell a lot of stuff?