Thursday, August 18, 2011

I just can't manage it anymore.

Can't seem to get up early enough in the morning to get on here before work.
Can't seem to find enough hours in a day. Period.
Can't seem to update here more than infrequently.


Sunday evening my hubby made it home! Yippee! Job got accomplished at Kamp Kipa and he made it home. Super big thanks to Markus.

I've worked the first three days of this week.
Ran my buns off today and am very thankful for the day off tomorrow.

School started today.
Anna started school today ... Tia didn't.
I have to call and see if the school I want her in is having a 9th grade class or not this year.
It was still up in the air last week.
Budget cuts are just so much fun.
I really don't care if she doesn't start.
We should be in a new school district within .... WHAAAAT .... 3 weeks or so?!

House deal.
Closing still hasn't happened.
The projects on the buyers' wish list are done.
Closing is scheduled for next week.
The fingers are starting to feel arthiritic from all the crossing.
I gave my "official" notice at work on Monday morning.
My last day of work is September 2nd.
The application for a renewed Arizona nursing license hit the mailbox on Monday morning as well.

I've been cleaning out nooks and crannies.
Where, oh where, does this stuff come from?
We're having a yard sale this weekend.
Alyx helped me price oodles of stuff this evening and I feel like I've got a handle on it.
Jari got the "tarp garage" cleaned out today and strung out a good size tarp next to it.
You see ... it is raining buckets and we need a dry place for all the goodies.
Come rain or shine we're having a multi family sale this weekend.
And then ... any of the bargains not scooped up ... are heading straight to some charity somewhere.
They are not coming back in here. (Except maybe a bookshelf or two.)
And I'm working Friday.
Jari and Tia will be holding down the fort with a few extras!
Remember my yard sale luck?
Maybe I'll make enough to spring for a pizza.

Tomorrow promises to be busy.
If we're really lucky the sun will peak out for at least a minute or two.
Or perhaps we'll see it somewhere between the rain drops!

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