Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What do I do on my days off?

Let me tell you.
I stay home.
Just kidding. That is my goal.
Sometimes it happens, usually it doesn't.

Saturday I was on a mission to score a few deals at Fred Meyer.
I almost forgot that I was after shoes until I walked by the shoe department where I managed to find a 50% of clearance prices sale. Ching!
I haven't purchased a pair of sneakers in over 7 years.
I really don't like lacing shoes.
That is what it all comes down to.
However, I figured it was about time to give it a whirl and see if my back likes these a little better than the Danskos.
So far so good.

Saturday I also managed to get some envelopes and cards out in the mail.
I have plenty of handmade cards hanging around.
I just have this problem with getting things in the mail.
It is a serious problem.
My intentions are good. That's about all I can say for myself.

Forgot to pick up one more plant hanger from Lowe's, but I did find smoke alarms.
Good gravy! Between smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors I could have had a fine meal somewhere! New alarms are installed and the family is safe.

 I have been willing the lilacs to bloom already.
It's nearly July and they still aren't all the way open!

Cukes are blooming. New peas are growing on the dining room table. Zucchini would really like some more sunshine outside. Rhubarb is getting made into punch and frozen. The carrots ... I'll be buying them. I see a teeny tiny tomato on one of my plants!

Then there are the peaches. They looked good in the store. I could smell them as I walked by ... and I detoured. I was imagining the Grilled Peaches with Ice Cream ... and starting to salivate. In reality, they were tart enough to make my mouth pucker. I don't eat anything tart. I lace it with sugar. Lots of it. It didn't help. I'm wondering if there is someway to test a peach before buying a bagful of them.
Grilled peaches = summertime delish treats.

Today I was off work again. I love these 4 day weeks.
Time to get a visit in to the physical therapy wonder.
Then a visit from the Home Inspector.
I had no clue he was bringing the buyer and the buyer's agent with him!
I might have spent last evening doing something like washing windows instead
of getting royally trounced in a family game.
I probably have no reason to be mortified, but I was anyway.
On principle.

To get past the mortification, I actually cooked dinner this evening
in between hours of sewing today.
I sewed for hours on Saturday as well.
Nothing is completed yet but it's getting close ...
and I'm really liking it!

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Mom said...

Your father picked a few new potatoes yesterday. About a 1" size with 1 or 2 a little bigger.
He was just curious. He gave them to his sister as we are leaving tomorrow morning for Michigan. This
morning he went to throw a line into Ruth Lake and then go to Bob and Lorraines and get their bags of
pop cans. Then pick up the bags from here and go to the recycle
place. Phyllis R. taught us that to say they are for a church and they give more $ per lb.