Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rhubarb picking begins!

The pictures I've been taking lately are just not working.
I don't know what I've done to the settings on the camera.
Guess I'll have to figure it out this weekend.

I picked and cut up 16 cups of rhubarb this evening. Our favorite use for rhubarb has become this tasty beverage. Tia took one look at the rhubarb on the counter and said, "What are you ..... are you making?!" to which I finished "punch" to which she replied something like "Yes!!" It really is a winner around here.
(click on the recipe to see it larger ... unless your readers are a stronger level than mine!)
I cut the water about in half. I really don't want to fill my freezer with unnecessary water. This time I'm trying to freeze some in ice cube trays. Add a cube to a soda and make an individual drink instead of needing to make a gallon at a time. Will see if it works or not!

Other than that ... a post MRI visit today with the Dr to find out that the xray probably showed what we needed to see. We're on hold for another 6 months unless I want an epidural steroid injection before that sometime. A visit to the Physical Therapist this afternoon. He does some "regular" therapy, but mostly he does muscle release type therapy. I was shocked to find that it had been over two years since I saw him last! That means that for the past two years my hip (what I now find to really be my back) has been functioning well. Will see what miracles he can perform this time around. I do know that he recently bought a second home in Tucson. Should our move be successful and I need him .... I'll have him relatively close. Whew!

Today, in the middle of my wandering, I was searching for pinking shears. My "wrap around throw" was wanting some pinked edges. I couldn't find any at either of the stores I tried. I might just have to change my mind or go visit Amber ... she probably has a pair hidden somewhere in the dreamy craft room of hers. I don't know when I'm going to have time to visit that corner I've got going. Maybe I can just ignore my family tomorrow evening and disappear down there for a while? With my book?

Our days are geting longer and longer. The light is just awesome. Splendiferous.
The radish tops are growing a lot faster than the bottoms. I checked.
The carrots still aren't popping up. I don't know what's up with that.
The zucchini took so long to pop up that I planted more.
Then I planted more cucumber seeds.
I labeled none of them.
This new breed of round zucchini and the cuke leaves look just alike.
This could be interesting.
The chickens are tending to like the strawberry blooms.
I think it might be time for some protective chicken wire in some strategic places.

This weekend we're going to play a little at Colony Days. I hope the weather cooperates!

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