Monday, June 20, 2011

This weekend will have to be ...

recorded in spurts.
It feels like it has been several weekends all rolled up into one.
Seriously good stuff.

Thursday I worked and was on call until 11pm. We left after that. I must have slept most of the way down to the Klutina. To be perfectly honest, I really don't remember. I think I declined going into the store in Glenallen. For sure, I declined going fishing when we got to our destination at about 2 a.m. The others went. They're seriously hard core. I took a nap.

Friday started out cloudy and then the rest of the time down there was filled with sunshine with the thermometer hovering around 70ish. Pure delish! For this sun deprived person, it was blissful. Make that a capital B on the blissful. The fishing was good. The relaxing wonderful. We walked miles and spent a short time visiting the loads of other friends camping at a nearby campground. The rest of the time ... we fished.

Oh, yeah. We slept in a tent. Jari and I slept in a tent. I figured out that the last time we slept in a tent must have been about 6 or 7 years ago. I remember the tent. I remember the beach. I remember the sweat from the heat of summer at Lake Powell. This time, I brought 2 air mattresses along. Just in case. You never know. I was not going to sleep on rocks. Jari tested the first one for the afternoon nap. It failed. Miserably. I tagged it for the dumpster and moved on to the next one. It worked. Gotta love it when a plan works out!

... and we fished some more ... and soaked up some more sun.

Jari did line tying duty. He was so good about it. Tia and I got really good at getting our lines loose from the rocks that kept grabbing our weights and hooks. Putting new line on and taking care of fish is something we still prefer to leave to the Dad/Hubby department.

The happy Fishing Couple.

Seriously sun kissed. Tia and I could both be new advertisements for Coppertone. We were so busy putting on mosquito repellant (Lemongrass) that we don't spend anytime in the sunscreen department. To be honest, I don't even own any. Aren't those freckles just to die for? I love freckled faces and sun bleached hair.

River banks of people. Nothing like fishing the Russian River. I hooked my own head several times. I dare not fish anywhere remotely close to another fisher person.

Greg Rousu is up here vacationing and fishing, fishing, fishing. He caught a ride down and back with us and shared our camping spot. He is going to have one lucky mom by the time his fish is processed.

Fred working those delicious Red Salmon out of the river waters.

Not only does he puts lines on our rods, he does a screamin' job of filleting those buggers as well. We came home Saturday and got everything into the freezer. Freezer is starting to look pretty good! Wish I could say I had something to do with it!

Today is Father's Day.
I've been very negligent.
I was going to call my Dad and wish him a Happy Fathers Day.
I didn't.
I knew he was at an engagement party (celebrating Denise and Andy's engagement!) when I could have called and then it was too late in the night
to call him by the time my house emptied.
I'll call him first thing in the morning.
Today ... I am so thankful to be able to call him Dad.
I'm a lucky girl.

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