Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend camping.

Our weekend camp out days were spent under skies of gray colors
dotted with a bit of rain, making me thankful for the campgrounds close
proximity to my bed. :)
 "A sandbox!"
Bennett who certainly enjoyed his bottle ... not that we can tell.
He wouldn't flash me his brilliant smile ... and he has one!
 Babies en masse. Ahhh. We are so lucky!
 Rain slickers adding color to the faces that have played hard all weekend.
Friends sharing giggles.
 Volleyball between rain drops.
 All under mountain tops covered with a fresh new blanket of white.
 The skies were never clear enough to see a rainbow all weekend.
According to one wise one, this was the promise we were treated to.
"God's promise that summer will not last forever."
Today the skies are a brilliant blue and the sun is streaming in my yard.
So that would mean .... I'm off to work!

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