Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dining rooms and marvelous views.

Our home can't be billed as a View Lot.
We can't see mountain tops from the dining room.
We can't see large rivers running by.
For a few days we could see nearly nothing!
One warm day, shortly after we had listed the house, Jari took the pressure washer and cleaned off the house walls. Got rid of the accumulated silt and dust.
The dining room window had a bit of a gas leak in it, but could be considered tolerable.
Replacing it still sat somewhere behind gas and groceries ...
actually it lagged quite a distance behind.
That sunny day the cold hose water hit the window and our view dimmed considerably.
It cleared a bit, but ....
not quite enough.
Once again I went on a journey of learning.
We learned that you can buy a piece of glass (this one is double paned, argon filled) and just replace it within the wood frame. I never knew that! I thought you had to replace the entire thing ... wood included.
The glass came in on Tuesday and Wally came by to help put it in.
That was about when I should have started the voice recording!
The window was put in place with carpet glue or something else that would last forever.
It took some work to get it out.
"If this window falls out, it is not going to be good!" comes from the man standing on the top rung of the ladder outside. The wonderful guy who is bit closer to 50 than 40.
Next, "I'm too old for this!"
It came out with the help of some crow bar taps and pieces of glass tingling among
the strawberry plants below and the carpet above. New window up ....
and in! (This time without carpet glue!) To anyone who wants to replace it some other day later in life, "you're welcome!"
Once the window was in (actually at about the time the old one cracked and we saw the film inside) we came to the full realization that the previous window was tinted.
I could never take a picture of a moose in the yard because the pictures weren't clear.
Ah Hah! Tint!
This one is clear. Crystal. Clear.
I would have to call it a picture window.
With a view.
The trim went on outside yesterday so there aren't those little blocks holding the window in place anymore.
Last night as I was leaving Bible Class, I got a text from home that said "the moose is here." I missed it, but she'll be back to check out the growing vegies and try get in to the greenhouse for more goodies.

There is a good reason for the green.
It has been raining for days.
On our way home last night, Tia said "Wow! This is like Arizona rain!"
We usually don't have Arizona rain here. I don't really know Seattle rain, but it is probably more like that. Light stuff.
Should the sun come out in the near future and the weeds dry out,
we'll be mowing the lawn every 12 hours for a while!

Hoping to be back by the end of the weekend with some fun pictures ..
we're off to play for a few days after this loooonnnng one is over.

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