Monday, June 13, 2011

Celebrating the Colonists

with a small town parade.
Heavy in the tractor department.
Light in the music department.
Loaded with personality and flavor.
Isn't this the sweetest little rig you've ever seen?
The first time I saw it driving down Trunk Road I did one of those
double double takes.
Then I smiled.
I'm sure it is a frequent reaction to this this wagon driving down the road.
In honor of the Colonists who settled Palmer so many years ago.
I'm imagining these lovely ladies just chatted and giggled their way through town. 
 Plenty of lovingly restored treasures ....
 of many varieties. The drivers were just about as varied!
 Booths of goods for sale.
Plenty of treats to eat.
Activities galore, including things like the egg throwing contest and salmon dip contest.
All topped with beautiful weather
that was too good to ask for!
 Saturday evening services.
Sunday services and then visiting in the evening.
And the calendar rolls back to Monday again and the start of another week ...
that looks like it will be topped by another weekend of outdoor busyness
and more visitors.
All I need to do is make it through the next four days!


Jenny said...

wow, quite a bit different than the parada del sol hey? And I love the red radio flyer!! Have never been to a small town parade, but would be fun to go!

Mom said...

The Palmer parade was better than the Cloquet or Eveleth parades.