Saturday, June 11, 2011

I made it ...

to my little corner of the basement! The sweatshirt pieces are all sewn together. Finished. Complete. If you sew, you know how good that feels. :) Now I just need some good fleece for the backing and a lot of top stitching to do ... hopefully in some fun colors. I can't wait to spend some chilly air nap time out on the porch wrapped in comfy "sweats".
We showed the house again at dinner time, which meant an hour drive around a looong block with a stop for a quick bite.
Came home and I was itching to mow the lawn.
To be perfectly honest, I really didn't care who mowed it. I just wanted it done.
Several males here said they would rather do it tomorrow than this evening.
I headed to the green house and repotted some of those zucchini/cukes.
I think I figured out which is which.
Then ... two of those males headed out the door several hours later.
Fred made it back home this evening after a trip to Arizona and a stop in Colorado ...
then a long drive back to Alaska.
Tonight, he and Jari headed down to try fishing the Klutina for the night.
I hope Jari manages to stay awake. Fred didn't intend to. He took his pillow along.
Lately my dear hubby has turned into a "10:30 pm Turn Into a Pumpkin" kind of guy.
The kids all left after Anna came home from work.
So that left me home alone.
Audio book (had to quickly download another one!) and the sewing machine.
Now I'm ready for a day of running tomorrow.

I did grab a few shots of our world at 11:15 pm outside. 
 Hard to believe, isn't it?

Now I must really turn in ...
or I'll be a pumpkin tomorrow at about parade time.


mom said...

11:15 p.m., almost unbelievable.

Keilah said...

I guess its hard not to be a night owl during Alaskan summers! And I want to see the finished quilt. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine how comfy the quilt is going to be!!