Thursday, June 23, 2011


I came home from work yesterday to find that Tia was the new owner of what I could call a bunny with a Traumatic Brain Injury. She didn't survive. The Bunny didn't. I was a bit taken back by adding another pet to the family at this point in time, but they had a plan. I'll probably be wimp out and be bunny shopping in the next week. Yesterday there was a short burial and the grave is marked with a fence. I can't quite wrap myself around that one.

On the To Do List for the weekend is replacing light bulbs. I have to say that I don't think I have replaced any of the Long Lasting Energy Reducing Variety Light Bulbs that we put in last October. I'll certainly do that one again should I need to. The other ones are a problem. Thank goodness we only have umpteen hours of daylight right now! I know you don't really care about that.

My carrots still aren't growing. The green beans outside look like they can't find sun to aim for. I'm imagining that at some point they'll figure it out. Can carrot seeds receive subliminal messages? I really was thinking about moving some strawberry plants over to that box. Maybe the carrots heard me. 

Youth Camp is this weekend and I have kids very much looking forward to going. Halibut charter for several other people in the house. My main goal this coming weekend, other than smoke detectors and light bulbs, is to find new shoes. I'm biting the bullet. Two days of work in a row is presenting challenges. I'm also on a mission to find a easy yoga workout dvd. Let's change that easy to something like light. If you have any suggestions please share them. A lovely older gentleman shared that one with me one day. He says it works wonders for his back problem.

In the meantime. The temperature on my most favorite porch in the whole wide world is 53F this fine morning. The cloudy skies are keeping the sun in hiding. I hear a snore coming from somewhere ... might be the dog.

Have a great Thursday!


Foodie said...

Why was it a dream to move to Alaska?

Anita said...

Moving to Alaska was a dream my husband had when I first met more than 25 years ago. Why? I don't know. Alaska seems to be every boys dream. Endless hunting, fishing and uncharted territory. As we got busy raising a famil and living a very full life, that dream got moved to the back burner. We have friends who have dreamed of taking a trip here and never made it during their life times. We wanted our children to have an experience that most people will never have in their lives. To discover something that is about as far from city living as I dare to go! It has been worth the journey!

Anthony said...

nice way to put it mom