Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday and a fun filled weekend ...

coming right up.
We've been banished from the house several times this week for hours at a time in the evening. Makes dinner time a bit of a challenge, but Duke enjoys the outings.
Tuesday we took a drive up to Hatchers.
I haven't been there for a long time ... much too long.
 Gives me a serious yen for blueberry picking.
The green continues to move up the mountain.
Sunlight occasionally streams through the clouds.
Absolutely beautiful.

We have taken to driving again.
When we first moved here, we drove thousands of miles looking at property.
We're doing it again.
Driving around (while avoiding being home) and taking in what is around us.
We did find some beach front property on Lake Lucille Wednesday ...
among other things.
 Sunday School Picnic camping this weekend at Eklutna.
We aren't spending the nights.
I still have tents but the camper is gone.
The greenhouse needs watering.
Eklutna is close enough to come home for the nights,
whatever they are this time of year.
I think we'll just come home to comfy beds to sleep.
Hoping for sunshine and warm weather ...
and a chance to wear those capris again!

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