Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A snapshot of our Memorial Day

through the lens of my beloved camera.
Warning: Photo heavy
We did go visit Ryan & Amber in the evening,
otherwise we stayed at home.
I like my home. I really do.
The sun was shining and the weather warm.
If I'm going to keep count, it would be Day #1 in Capris and flip flops.

The peas moved to the porch in the past week.
 The temperature out there can get a wee bit warm!
 We kept stopping throughout the day to add a few more pieces to a puzzle
we picked up on Saturday.
I love that mindless activity.
 Our feathered friends roam the yard ...
 and so far only one of them has figured out how to get over the crate I've propped outside the door to keep them out of the green house which is cooled the old
fashioned manual way.
 Pots of lobelia reaching for sunlight.
 Radishes are doing the same reach. I really hope that something is growing in the dirt as well and not just on the top side of the dirt!
I've already planted another row of radish seeds and am waiting for them to sprout.
One row is nearly a one sitting eating for my dear hubby.
 Rather than going crazy in the tomato department this year, I only have four
plants going in there. Maybe I'll get some more.
At this point, I really don't feel the need.
 Strawberries are starting to bloom next to rhubarb that is going crazy.
 Unlike other places further south, our lilacs are finally starting to see some buds.
The leaves have just recently opened.
 I grew up calling this tree a "Bee Tree" because it buzzes constantly.
Last year I laid down mulch around the tree and it must have been full of aphids
because they took over my tree.
This year I'm hoping the tree does a whole lot better after I removed all the nasty stuff.
 I don't know what this tree is either.
Very soon it will be covered with white blooms.
I love it!
So goes the start of summer at our house.
The last day of May today and I can hardly believe it.
Where on earth does time go?

We showed our house again tonite and are doing a second visit showing tomorrow.
Jari and the kids are doing a bang up job of keeping it ready to show,
making my stress level incredibly low and giving me more time to talk to flowers
out in the greenhouse.
Ain't life just grand?!

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