Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another season of "firsts" begins.

Jari's brother, Juha, is here for a long weekend. Super fun. I love watching these brothers get together. They're the only two boys in their family and it is super special when they are able to play and laugh together.
This time I was able to join them as well.
The three of us and Fred headed out at some unrealistic hour like 4 a.m. on Saturday.
The sky was blue behind wisps of clouds on the way down.
Four hours and breakfast later we were in Ninilchik ready to board a halibut fishing charter.
The guys have done plenty of ocean fishing together.
I never have.
Remember, I'm the one who has only caught only ONE salmon in my life.
I wasn't sure that halibut was going to be any different.
It certainly was. Small halibut, but they were nonstop for a while.
So much fun!
The guys kept telling me that I was going to have to reel in my own fish.
I was a bit nervous. It has been a long time since I carried little ones or the car seats that carry them. Now I just run nonstop on my feet. I was a bit apprehensive about the arms. It went splendidly.
I really should have worried about the bladder instead!
No bathroom on the boat for 6 hours in choppy waves for a bit of the ride.
I managed not to pee my pants.
Just barely.
Fileting time. It is fun to watch somone who has done this for years.
I called it art.
The fish ... I'm calling dinner.
By the way, I'm hooked on it. It is a bit pricey for too many adventures,
but I'll definately go again.
After our fish was all in the cooler, we headed down the road a piece to Whiskey Gulch to see if we could find some butter clams. The beach looked for rocky than sandy, so we headed on to Homer instead.
There were eagles hanging out on the beach being very protective of their catch.
After a visit to Homer we headed homeward, stopping in Clam Gulch to try some clamming. I didn't leave the car. The guys took Juha out to try his hand at finding some clams, which they did. I would love to go clamming again ... even if I didn't keep them. It is just fun ... especially if the sun is shining.
I was frozen to the bone. It really wasn't that cold on the water and we were bundled up in plenty of layers, so don't know what my problem really was.  Homer was windy and cold. I was tired. I think I finally thawed out sometime in the middle of the night when I was tucked in my own bed.
 It was a super fun day ... adventure filled with new experiences and family time.
Sunday the fish got packaged and hit the freezer ... and a few hit the grill for a fun afternoon barbeque with more family!

I'm off work on Monday. This was suppose to be my four day weekend and I volunteered to work on Friday to get some extra hours in .. I'll appreciate tomorrow.
My list is rather long.


Anonymous said...

You really have some adventures up there. As for me, no bathroom on the boat would not have worked for me! lol Joleen

Anonymous said...

The guys on the boat just told Anita to turn around.. and did the job over the side... told her to do the same.. She just looked at me funny.. :)