Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My flower beds?!

This was Duke's favorite place to lay for quite a while.
Nothing would grow in this part of the flower bed because
he was always resting in it.
So Jari put up the handy little wood fence.
It worked very well to keep the dog out.

The chickens have now taken over that spot!
They are fun to watch.
I have to try and get a video of them.
They have taken to joining Duke and Oreo when Jari pulls up in the yard.
They all toodle over to stand at his door and wait for him to exit the truck.
I haven't seen it yet, only heard about it.
Goofy things.

They were the first things I heard this morning after my alarm clock went off.
They have a chicken variety doggy door enabling them to come and go at will, hopefully hopping back up to do their egg laying duties.
I'm seriously thinking about getting a goat.


mrs. skoog said...

A goat would HELP this situation?

Anita said...

Definately not. A goat might just make it more interesting. :)