Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some days I might start feeling a little old.

Then again, somedays I like that feeling.
Sunday evening we went over to the DMV office in Palmer and practiced parallel parking. Anna was scheduled to take her driving exam and as always, that was one more thing to get done with mom.
Somehow I manage to wind up with the fun stuff.
After managing the parallel parking, Tia wanted to take a turn behind the wheel.
Around the parking lot.
Then it got even better.
Around. The. Light. Poles.
 This just might be her sign for a while!
Driving exam was done today and Miss Anna is now legal to drive without me in the car slamming my right foot down as if on a brake pedal.
I think I have someone I can send to the store again. Yippee!!
In reality, it will probably sound more like this, "Moooommmmm, can I pleeeaaase go to Anchorage? They have a greaaaatttt sale going on at (insert any store that sells bling)!"
*The chairs aren't done.
*The couch has it's cushion on and is working well.
*I replanted seeds because in my haste for summer, most of the things I put out in the greenhouse didn't exactly survive the chill very well.
*The laundry is caught up.
*If I think about the packing I'm suppose to be starting, I start to have a panic attack.
*I seriously love the app Overdrive Media Console on my phone. From it I download oodles of free audio books from the library.
*It is starting to look like I might not be working this evening. I suppose I could go attack the mail basket.
*I've self diagnosed myself with shin splints. They are not fun. One would think that I had been climbing mountains or something. Instead, even sleeping is proving challenging sometimes. It is not nice.

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mrs. skoog said...

Shin splints? OUCH! SLOW DOWN WOMAN!