Saturday, May 21, 2011

Congratulations Brock!!

Last evening we joined an auditorium of folks celebrating the achievements of family and loved ones. The school Brock graduated from, Valley Pathways, is not what you would call a "traditional school" yet it works very well for those who need a different kind of learning environment.
Last evening, 73 students celebrated the achievement of high school graduation,
our middle child included.
Each advisor had their advisees on stage and individually spoke about each of them.
They know their students very well.
The advisors know the struggles that many of these young people face in their lives
and have made it their life's work to help them succeed.
And this one has.
Life isn't always fair.
We are all handed a different bag of tricks and the tools to deal with the tricks.
We all have a different path to follow.
Sometimes we take the wrong fork on the road and need help in redirecting our lives.
Sometimes the speed bumps can be of mountainous proportions,
yet with perserverance our goals are achievable ...
one step at a time.
Today, as he takes this step, I am so very proud of him.
My middle child.
My youngest son.
He will find his way.
It will involve quite a journey.
He doesn't like to do things the easy way.
He wants to be a mechanic and he will be ... one way or another.
 Tomorrow afternoon we're gathering around the food tables
with friends and family for fun, laughter and celebration.

Today, I want to thank you.

You have befriended someone when he needed a friend.
You have listened when he needed an ear.
You have reached out and lifted up.
You have seen the heart that lives within.
You have simply loved.
There are many of you to whom I owe my eternal thanks and gratitude.


Cheryl said...

Love this post, Anita! It brought tears to my eyes...Congratulations to Brock!!

Anonymous said...

Can't hardly believe that Brock & Ben are graduating this year. Many Congrats to Brock!! So glad that he has accomplished this goal in life!! Wishing him the best in the future!! Hoping he will make good decision about what he wants to do in the future!! Give him a big hug from us!! Bruce & Denise and family

Anonymous said...

Congratulate Brock from us in MN. Tell him how so very proud of him we are. Tell him to come visit. We would love to have him. Tarja

Joni said...

Sweet post- you're a great mom, Anita!

Grandma K said...

Congratulations Brock for a job well done. Would have been nice to be there. Wrap the quilt around you and think of it as of us
wrapping our arms around you. Love,

jenny said...

Congratulations Brock!! Love that last picture of him.