Sunday, May 1, 2011

On a roll .....

Do you ever see something at someone's house and think "I really want that."
You don't say anything tho'.
Of course not.
You just eye it and really eye it some more.
Alyx had two of these chairs at her apartment that she didn't take with her when she moved again this week.
You wouldn't believe it!
They showed up in my yard this week.
For me .. and unrequested. Love it!

Saturday was a day to stay home and work on projects.
It was a blustery and chilly day outside, so I didn't feel the need to be outdoors.
Tia and I set to work. We sanded the chairs and then,
because the air was really chilly outside, I brought them into the kitchen to start painting.
They're not done yet. I'll probably be able to tackle more on Thursday.
Until then, they're sitting.
When they're done, I'm aiming to set them on that dark cabin porch.
I'll share when they've found their resting spot.
Then I moved on to this one. This wood couch has been all over the place. It goes up, it goes down, it goes in, it goes back out.
Remember I was sanding this last fall?
It got stain yesterday and a coat of poly.
It is still in the process of drying, but it looks awesome!
Problem was that it needed a cushion makeover.
I really can't be going out and buying fancy shmancy cushions. I also tend to
have a heap of fabric sitting around at most times.
So Tia and I went to work on that. Another thing I'll share when it is in place and done.
I've not done a good job of teaching my children to sew.
In reality, I've not done it at all.
There are plenty of things I've tried to do with them since they were wee ones.
I scrapbooked with them. Back when we still printed all our pictures, they always got the extras. My kitchen was a never ending mess of paper and glue.
I baked with them. Dough for me and dough for them.
I painted with them. Oh my, did I paint with them.
At a time in my life I thoroughly enjoyed working with wood. They worked right along with me.
Sewing I wouldn't give up. That was mine.
Anna and Alyx have both sewed with Amber. Getting along long enough to sew was not exactly in the picture for the mother/daughter teams.
Yesterday I tried.
We dug through fabric and, being as I'm going Americana in the room which now houses the couch, found scraps. I did most of the cutting and I finished up the last of the sewing, but Tia did most of it!
I have to say that at times my foot was hitting the floor like I was braking for a car stopping. Evidence of incredibly too much time sitting in the passenger seat of my vehicle while teens are driving. I'm pretty sure now why I didn't let them start sewing earlier. It's that darn presser foot on the machine. The thought of mixing needles and fingers just doesn't appeal to me. Cookie cutters, paint brushes, glue sticks, stickers are all okay. The needles moving at warp speed just sort of sends me over the edge.

Hoping to have updated pictures of both next Saturday. After next weekend, life starts moving at about the speed of that sewing machine needle. Good thing I've got the coffee stocked!

To the land of Golden Arches to pick up a working one and then off to teach Sunday School. Speaking of which, where has this year gone?! We only have 2 weeks left .. we get out a little early up here. Anyway, today I am going to have a group of kindergarten students pace out the size of Noah's ark. Doesn't this just sound like fun?! I'm serious. I've been waiting for some warm weather. I no longer have any excuses.

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