Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our life is so full and rich.

First you take a group of friends and spend the afternoon singing, visiting and
enjoying the sunshine with little people scattered everywhere in between.
Then you add two graduates, Brock and Tait, to the mix.
Incidentally, they are rather glad to be at this stage of life.
Then you add some good food.
We neglected to get a picture of the entire table.
It was rather laden, thanks to everyone who helped in that department!
You add some good humor and gifts ...
and you have two moms very happy with the day!
Thanks to everyone and special thanks to Kevin & Kelly for offering up their home
for the celebration!
 After a busy day of celebrating and an evening at services,
Tia had a need.
Thank you gifts for her teachers.
I didn't have a clue what she really meant until we got the project under way.
Fill the dining room table with crafty things and mix in a little creativity. 
Five female teacher got these little boxes that I had stashed downstairs in a bag.
The guy teachers got bags that we decorated with a few stitches of sewing and whatever was appropriate for that class.
Scrabble letters spelling out MATH and GYM ... that kind of thing.
Once in a while I'm thankful for things left over and unused.
We added flowers to the tops of the boxes and tags to the fronts.
A handwritten note inside the top of the lid ...
and filled with chocolates.
They turned out really cute.
I loved her idea and thoughtfulness.
I just couldn't function anymore by the time we were done!
 Today is Tuesday, the last day of school.
The last day of middle school for Tia. 
The last footstep that heads off to this stage of life ...
and tomorrow she is off to high school.
Does it make me feel old?
No, not really.
A wee bit thankful.


mom said...

Boys look so nice all dressed up.

Linda Tardie said...

Seems like just the other day I was at your home celebrating Blade's graduation! Hope all is well with you.