Monday, July 4, 2011

Bonfires and chickens

We had Haps and others over for a bonfire Sunday evening.
I even attempted some patriotic desserts that were courtesy of Taste of Home.
Yummy ... you'll have to trust me. 

Welcoming home Kirsten from her training in Texas,
while sending Anna off to Minnesota for a month.

Watching little pink princesses running after the bigger kids ...
who were after the chickens.

It took some convincing ....

but it didn't take her long to grab a handful of feathers and give it a pull.
I think she's a farmer girl at heart.

The girls had a sleepless night while Anna finished packing.
I got a 3 hour nap in and then we headed to the airport.
She is safely in Minnesota!
     I got a good nap in  
     Did some weeding outside
     Played in the greenhouse
     Mucked out the raspberry plants
     Covered some vegies with screen to keep the chickens locked out
     Created another little goodie to share with you

Time to get a move on and make a bit of dinner.

I hope your Fourth of July was fantastic.
Special thanks to all our service men and women!

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