Monday, July 25, 2011

Visiting travelers ...

Mom and Dad rolled into town Friday evening a few minutes before 7pm. We had services in the evening with a traveling Matti Taskila from Finland. They pulled in before the service started. Perfect! The trip went well. They're down an air mattress, but otherwise safe and sound. No falls this time around. :)

I'm going to be in the market for a car shortly and the Impala is on my list of looks. This car has made 2 trips up on the Alaska Highway, has traveled much of the east coast and the west coast. It has made numerous trips to Canada, annual trips to Arizona from Minnesota, and would have made its way to Hawaii if there was any possible way. If you don't know my parents, they're travelers. The trunk is packed with a tent this trip ... and they love to drive!

I couldn't quite believe how long it took to get out of the house Saturday morning. The plan was to go garage sale hopping and then to good old Wally World. Now most of you know the infamous Minnesota Goodbye. We were so busy chatting we couldn't even make it to the car for the 9am garage sale date time. Good stuff! We found some goodies, including some things I'm sure I didn't need and probably could have left behind. Oh well! The rest of the day was spent with eating and visiting. It is what we midwest Finns are very good at. Add some coffee and you're really good to go!

Mom working on her state quilt blocks.

Jari picked up Markus Korpi from the airport late Saturday night and he spent the day here on Sunday. We had the Taskilas over for the afternoon and introduced them to Halibut Fajitas. The guys here harrass Markus constantly about those fajitas ... he finally had one! We learned that geocaching isn't just something we've enjoyed! 15 year old Anna-Elisa also enjoys doing it in Finland. She was able to add a few finds to her list on Sunday after going out with Tia, Markus and Fred. (This household really needs to get back on the ball with that!)

The Taskila family catching up on Finnish news online as well as looking through pictures from suvis.

More visiting ... more coffee .....

I'm not quite sure what we will find to fill our week. I'm highly recommending the Alaska Native Heritage Museum as they haven't been there yet. The end of the week has a scheduled fishing trip in it. Grandpa is heading out on his first halibut charter, while Grandma, Tia & I are heading to Homer on an expedition. Charge the batteries. Camera and otherwise. We have quilt shops to find!

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mrs. skoog said...

Fun! I'm so glad your parents were able to come visit you!