Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aaah. Another weekend.

Some pictures of the crew that visited the end of the week.
Charlie was working on getting out his own sliver after "Nana" taught him how!
Amazing little guy.

We had the Alaska Marjanen kids, grandkids (except for Charisse who was fishing) and all the great grandkids over on Friday evening. I really wish my brain had been working before Amber left. Could have gotten a fun picture of all of them. We're missing the twins in this one. And ... I was taking inside late evening pictures with my iphone. Not a good idea. They are a fun group of cherubs ... and this photo is missing 4 of them.

Today we took a little trip up to Thunderbird Falls.
I am ashamed to admit that I've only been there one other time,
shortly after we moved here and it was iced over and snow covered.
Today was perfect.

On our way down we noticed some salmon that were fighting their way up stream.
You can see her tail sticking up out of the water.

We watched for quite a while, but she couldn't make it past this rock.
Poor thing was just plumb tuckered out.
She finally ended up going the other way.

Lush green ... plenty of trees to climb ... a cousin who is so willing to be a step ...
a good afternoon.

I'm working on convincing the crew that we're going kayaking next weekend.
I want to bring a camera along and Tia told me that the last time she was in a canoe
she tipped it.
That's why I went for the kayak idea, not the canoe.


Our home inspection went well.
Jari has completed nearly everything that we agreed to do on their wish list.
The one thing Jari refused to do that the buyers still want done .... our realtor is taking care of.
The hunt is on for a trailer for moving.
The purchasing will have to wait, but the window shopping is in full force.
I have a pile of boxes downstairs and keep accumulating more.
I'm not packing yet.
I look around here and I just shake my head.
Then I choose not to think about it ... yet.

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