Friday, July 22, 2011

Whew! I've been busy and now it's time to ....


My parents were in Tok at 12:49 this afternoon. Will see what time they get here!
At 5:16 pm they're about 1 1/2 hours out of Palmer with 3 constructions zones to navigate.

I've been off work today and yesterday. I did go work from 6pm to 11:30pm last night, but other than that ... I've worked at home.
Do you pack a house the same way I do?
I'm probably a bit over the top in the crazy department, but that's me.
I've taken dusty duffel bags out to the beautiful sunshine and scrubbed them, suitcases included.
I've thrown away sleeping bags not worth keeping.
I repacked some boxes that were in need of space saving.
I have a nice pile of stacked boxes. At least enough for this week.
I've washed winter jackets and they're waiting for some more of the miracle packing bags.
Laundry room is nearly cleaned out except for what is going with us.

And my garage sale pile is growing.
It hasn't been ten years but I'm going to do it anyway.
Maybe Tia will do it all for me. :)

On my trek through the house (and I've not yet started the pantry) I've been appreciating two appliances that I use all the time.
Do you have some that you just prefer to not live without?
I probably have more of them, but the day I took these pictures ... these were my favs.

The bread machine.
Jari bought it for me a few months after we moved up here and I started working full time. I was a bit stressed out about the dinner thing. Now, I use it for making dough.
I've adapted my recipes to make it work for 2 long pulla braids. 
And ... I usually manage to do that at least once a week. Sometimes twice.
Throw the ingredients in ....

and hit the dough button. 150 minutes later I take my lovely dough out, make a few braids and set them to raise. I love to bake, but spending all day Saturday in the kitchen baking wasn't doing much for getting anything else done around here.
I won't leave this one behind!

Nor this one.
We've become a bit spoiled in the coffee department.
I'll drink almost anything hot, caffeinated and unflavored but I do like the coffee beans.
This one gets a nonstop workout.
Depending on the day .... many times!

Do you have a favorite that you prefer not to do without?

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Sharyn said...

I think your packing method is pretty much the same as any Finn

Appliance? Ah yes - the coffee pot. I know this to be true, because we're in the car faster than something really fast to purchase a new one if something breaks on it.