Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wrapped in sweatshirts

I don't have yard sales except for every 10 years or so when memory has faded.
Then I have one ... and promptly remember why I don't.
Instead, I donate our no longer needed items to a local charity.
Some I save and play with.
I've been collecting some sweatshirts for a while now.
Some that were favorites and some that never were!

A few weeks ago, I finished the top of the blanket and on a shopping expedition found some anti pill fleece for the backing of the blanket.
Which meant that I had to come home immediately and put it together ... that day.
Then I told you about it and never shared the pictures.
(Kind of like a kid in a candy store sometimes I am.)

The front I did with seams facing out,
then zigzagged with varigated (sp?) thread.
I think I'll still find a pair of pinking shears and trim each of the seam sides.
This morning, weeks after I first put this post together, the edges are "pinked".
My thumb is tingly numb from holding the pinking shears ... but it looks a bit different and I like it!

The front is of different length pieces and varying colors.

This is the first time I've done one of these kind backing ...
and I sort of like the speed of it.

After a bit of cutting and tying ....

it promptly went to the couch and was wrapped around a teen.

I suspect that it will become a family favorite.
It already has. I missed taking a snap of the other other two girls snuggled in it.

Love it when they love it!

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mrs. skoog said...

That turned out so adorable! Oh dear, I feel another craft I might like to try coming on! I think I need to quilt now!