Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday ....

My post titles are seriously lame.
Oh well. If you have any great ideas .....

Maybe they're lame because the day has sort of been the same.
Jari is gone dip netting and not having tremendous luck.
I was off work today so you know what that means.
Monthly meeting at work at 6:30 a.m. to start the day off nicely.
A trip to Walmart (just don't tell Tia) for some new pillow cases and those bags that allow you to suck the air out of big things ... making them tiny things for packing.
A stop at the dentist. Why, oh why, is dental health not covered with regular healthcare coverage? Is the ADA lobby that powerful? I've opted for pulling instead of root canal and crown. The almighty buck does rule some aspects of life.
Home to start packing a few things. Got blankets sucked down to nearly nothing. Love those bags!
Off to physical therapy for my last appointment unless more is needed. Got a nap on that table while getting some cranial stuff done. Heavenly!
Home to clean out a closet. I think Tia & I emptied out about 200 books. 5 boxes taped shut and labeled!!
Now I'm off to work for a bit. On Call this evening and they need me.
My dentist wants to pull my tooth and would really like to be paid for the privilege.
Of all the nerve.

Maybe nerve was a bad choice.
The nerve is exposed hence the pulling.
Still .....

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