Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preparations for Christmas

I don't have much in the way of Christmas decorations.
It comes whether or not we deck the house out with oodles of stuff.
While stuff is fun, it requires storage ... and dusting. (shudder)
We did start hauling out the things we have.
Stockings are hung in the dining room with care,
wondering what Santa this year will share.

Last Christmas we went for the Charlie Brown look. Let me tell you about Charlie Brown. Last year he was a bit on the short side. Not really, but in comparing it to last year's tree it most certainly was.
This year, Tia & Dad did the hunt for the tree.
She was so thrilled.
She found the perfect one!
When I asked how big around the tree was, meaning tree trunk, I got the picture.
The trunk was going to be very skinny ... getting progressively moreso as it hit the top.
They went out and cut it down, and then brought it in.

Then out came the ladder.
I did the only smart thing one can do in a situation like this.
I handed over the responsibility for tree lighting and
took a nap.
I said I really didn't care ... just get it done.
I hadn't increased the life insurance policy and have no long term disability
policy on Jari. It was looking quite sketchy when I hit the pillow.

Somehow the star made it on the top of the tree.
It has lights ... on most of the branches.
It looks like I don't have any ornaments.
It has charm.
It has character.
It stands almost 15 feet tall. 

It is beautiful ... and it is done!
I may sneak some more lights on branches. I found BOXES of them left over!

Yesterdays blog comments included a link to an advent calendar that is absolutely beautiful! I tried to get just a page of it yesterday to share and celebrate the Independence Day of Finland. It didn't work.
Go over and take a look ... you'll love it!


Keilah said...

I love the tree!! Now you can never go back to a regular Christmas-y one again, the Charlie Brown one is too cute and is becoming a tradition! :)

The Rudstroms said...

Looks beautiful! Your entire house is beautiful actually.

We seriously limit the amount of decorations we have as well. If it doesn't fit in one rubbermaid tote, something has to go.

mrs. skoog said...

OOOOH!!!! I love it! We used to have those kinds of trees when I was young!

Joni said...

Beautiful tree! I don't know what it is with me, but I much prefer the 'not-so-perfectly-beautiful' trees. They are more beautiful in my eyes! Well, Christmas trees are always pretty - the whole season is so beautiful. Well - so sometimes a bit busy and stressful, but beautiful, anyway! Enjoy that pretty tree!!