Thursday, December 16, 2010

I might just need that item before August

I got a bit of a late start this morning, so off the list went the thrift stores.

Fred Meyer ... I'm still shuddering at the price of the item I was looking at. I have to still decide whether to keep shuddering and go elsewhere or just pony up.

Target ... "We usually carry that item when kids head back to college. You can check with us in August." August?!?!? Maybe someone forgot to tell them that Christmas isn't in August. It's in 9 days!

Off to Jo-Anns. So far I'm batting about nothing. Should have just given up pitching and kept on driving. "We use to carry that. We don't have room anymore. We have purchased the lot next door .... so if we add on to the building ... we'll be carrying it again."  I am not kidding. For reals. That is what she told me.

By now you'd think I'd just go home, right? There is something to being a hard headed Finn.

Next I went to the doctor. Why, oh why, do they need to weigh you first? Always? That wasn't that bad. We're on a serious slippery slope in that department anyway. The shock was the height. When was the last time your height was measured? Seriously think about this now. Do you renew your drivers license and tell them how tall you are? Do you fill out other forms and tell them how tall you are? When was the last time you held a measuring tape to the wall. I'm warning you. It could be disastrous. I get off that nasty scale after having my height documented and said, "No, that can't be." "I'm an inch taller than that. I always have been!" I'm feeling frantic by this time. Back on the scale again to check the height ... just to be sure. Okay. No denying it. At which point she recommends a bone density test. Now I have some serious indigestion starting up because I have an active imagination. Off to the room and that sweet little gown where the nurse checks my chart. Hmmm. They did check my height last time ... and it was only a year ago. And .... I wasn't the imagined height then either! By the time the visit was over I had forgotten the prescription I was after when I went in, but the rest of the stuff was done. I'm seriously contemplating some dementia testing, but we'll save that for next year's visit.

Off to the library and the post office. Both pleasant experiences. Then to the parts store to find some lights for my headlights. It is rather dark here for much of my driving time. (By the time I write this we have gone back to the store to exchange them for the right ones .... and I have learned how to put them in!) Then to the building supply store which replaced the car dealer (on my list .. not the store front). The 2nd key for my ride has disappeared. I now have a spare. Whew!

Enough. I needed to unwind for a moment. This height thing still has me convinced I'm losing my mind. So I went for a quick detour before I went home.

Okay. I feel better now. Maybe that's why I have this serious fascination with bridges ... because I'm getting shorter?


jessica said...

you'll know you have dementia when you can hide your own easter eggs.

Jenny said...

your post made me chuckle! And I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Target? Auto Parts Store? Wait a minute! I thought Alaska had those trading posts where they sell everything under one roof!
Great story - I think we can all related to that dreaded scale at the doctor - I think they quick throw on a few heavy stones as a patient steps on....