Tuesday, December 28, 2010

25 years ago this morning

I was racing through stores on main street in Virginia, Minnesota looking for ballet slippers. We were getting married in a few hours and I still had nothing to put on my feet. They were found ... along with some surprise friends who had come for the wedding.

We were married in the Faith United Lutheran Church in Iron. The weather was a wee bit chilly for my southwestern groom. He donned long handles under the tuxedo he wore. Who would have thought that 25 years down the road, long handles would be his regular winter attire.

It seems amazing that I am posting this from Alaska. His proposal to me about 25 years and 3 months ago went like this. "Will you come to Alaska with me?" In those first 20 years of our lives together we were mighty busy with working and raising a family. The dream of Alaska didn't cross our minds very often. We were downright happy where we were, surrounded by dear friends and family.

In the summer of 2003 we were traveling in Upper Michigan and the bug bit us. It must have been a hot summer in Phoenix. I decided that I could live in the U.P., but first I had to finish nursing school (I was halfway through at that point) and wanted 2 years of experience before I flew the coop. Therein started the dream again. The reality that we could go nearly anywhere we wanted to, as long as God had the same idea in His plans for us. And here we are.

25 years of living life with the one I love, the one I promised to love and honor for the rest of my life. 25 years don't go by as if floating on clouds. We have certainly had our share of hills and valleys. Sometimes we have existed on the plains. We have had times of incredible sadness and times of incredible joy. We have been blessed with 5 children, to whom I hope we have passed on our abilities to dream. Above all, God has blessed us with living faith. A faith that transcends all problems and to which we can cling when the inevitable trials of life become our stumbling blocks. He has blessed our life together and given us the strength to deal with whatever has come our way. I thank God for Jari's parents, who are as dear to me as my very own. Were it not for them, there would be no us. I thank God for bringing me together with my best friend.

The one I live for, laugh with and love.


Jenny Kuoppala said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a milestone! Wish we could be there to help you celebrate. what a cute post!

Keilah said...

Ahhh, how sweet! Happy Anniversary. Ours is tomorrow, and I was thinking that we had been married for quite some time. I changed my mind. I'm looking forward to reaching the 25th!

Sharyn said...

happaversary!! :)

Forstie said...

Happy Anniversary. Hopefully we can celebrate your 50 year anniversary with you.

jessica said...

happy anniversary! wishing you many more happy, healthy and blessed years together!

Anonymous said...

Happy 25th Anniversary! Wishing you many more years together!
~ Joyce