Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Saturday in the kitchen.

I probably had half intentions of going to the Colony Christmas in Palmer yesterday.
Is it freezing cold this same weekend every year? Last year it was. I remember it well.
Instead, I chose my kitchen after a run to Walmart, drop off Anna at work and hit the post office.
Does every post office have a line that wraps around the building at this time of year?
That is a bit of exaggeration, but really!
We have been printing our own labels at home and paying for them online.
It is wonderful!
I still stand in line to pick up my packages if I get a slip in my box, but at least the rest of it I just plunk on the counter and leave. Yesterday I got to stand in line. It was worth it. (Later in post.)

Then I came home and started the dough business. Frans lived with us for years and his favorite cookie was ginger snaps. I don't think I've made them since I moved here. I did yesterday. Just for him. I think I'll send him a message every time I eat one ... just for him.

I don't remember a time in recent years where cookies were baked and decorated in the same day. It may look a bit pastel around here, but they sure taste good!

Can't have Christmas with a Kiss Cookie. I started making mine in the mini muffin tins several years ago. Keeps the cookie from spreading all over the place, keeping it confined in the tin. 

By the time evening was over ....  we had listened to a lovely Christmas audio story called Finding Noel while baking cookies. One more Saturday or a few evenings of kitchen time and we'll be set! Tarts and coated pretzel sticks, to name a few, yet to go!

This past week I worked on Christmas cards and came to a decision. My goal is to do them every other year ... and not feel guilty about it. I so enjoy receiving the Christmas greetings. They are such a big part of our celebrations. It seems like every year I try find somewhere new to display them. This year I used 3 frames that I had picked up at yard sales. They are sort of roughed up a bit, the glass covered with scrapbook paper and then the frame is wrapped with twine. They will in no way hold all the cards, so I've strung a piece of twine beneath the frames and will add more as I need to. So, while I'm throughly enjoying receiving the greetings .... yours might be getting closer to mailing. I ordered more cards this week. That problem sort of cropped up while I was addressing them. 

Hoping that Jari will be home tomorrow. Bryce has had sketchy cell service so we know they are doing fine. They had snow on Friday that then turned to rain! An Acquire game was packed in that truckful of goodies so they're occupied. Doesn't sound like I need to run out and buy another freezer. Nor does it look like I'll be hiring a taxidermist ... unless they had a very successful day yesterday!

Off to find a Ginger Snap.


Kendra Jean Photography said...

yum! I made ginger snaps the other day and was going to bring them to our couples xmas party, but they were all eaten by that time! And today me and the kids made the hershey kiss cookies!

Anonymous said...

I've got to get busy baking. Thanks for the incentive!!! How do you get the cookies out of the little muffin tins? Do they fall out when oiled?

Anita said...

I don't even grease the muffin tins. I just plunk the cookie dough balls in there and squash them down with the kisses. Let them cool shortly so they don't fall apart when you pull them out. I used a knife on the edge of some of them, otherwise just picked them up with my hands. They would probably just tip out as well. I was a bit impatient as I needed the pans for another batch right away. Happy Baking!