Thursday, December 9, 2010

A sense of humor is a must.

Last night it must have been around 10pm when one of the girls went to the kitchen faucet to get a drink and said, "Why isn't there any water?" "Water?" I promptly went to the basement to look, like it was going to make a difference in the water scheme. It didn't. Wondered for a moment if Fred was already sleeping and met him coming in the door as I was heading back upstairs. His shower was incredibly short lived as well.

Thank goodness for Fred. He checked out the power related issues. Power everywhere and all the way to the wires at the well. After that we sort of assumed it had to be the well pump. A quick look at Lowes online gave me a guesstimate at price ... without labor or markups. I dozed in a living room chair, trying to be of some help somewhere and failing miserably.

This morning I had a meeting at work and got the name of a well driller. (For a moment I had a pining for city water.) Came home from the meeting and waited for him to show up. The first marvelous cheap fix find didn't do the trick. New pump needed.
Maybe there would have been a cheaper way to get this whole thing done, but we would have needed a rig anyway to pull the thing out and put it back in. So while this was going on in my front yard, I logged onto Facebook and played many games of Bejeweled (my new addiction) which were pitiful. It helped though. Mindless distraction. I called Jenny and told her to grab her coffee and have a cup with me. She said something like, "are you here?!" "Nope, I'm pretending this thing in my yard is a cactus, because I just paid him the price of my plane tickets." (Mind you, I didn't have the money for plane tickets anyway.)
 By the time noon rolled around, we had water running in the house. It needs some serious filtration. Fred has spent the evening changing filters and getting us some clean looking water. I could have cried when I watched the muddy water gushing about into the yard before we hooked back up again. So, I have learned a few things today about well pumps. They're sure small things for as critical as they are. It stops and life sort of screeches to a halt!

In addition to playing games today, I did manage to get a few more Christmas things spread around the house. I love using things I find in the cupboard combined with Country Living or Martha Stewart.

And I must be honest. For my grumbling about the bill today. For the lack of sleep last night. For the learning experience. For all of Fred's help. For the gallons of water that Blayde brought home last night so I could have coffee this morning.
For all of that, or in spite of it, I am thankful.
Thankful that my home is warm.
Thankful that my home has food.
Thankful that my home has family.
Thankful that God has blessed us with the ability to work.
Especially as I remembered taking this photo yesterday. 
Knowing that his existence is probably chilly ..
in addition to not having the creature comfort of a shower.

Even if the view is a million dollar one.

My dear hubby got to escape all the fun ..
won't he be surprised!


Anonymous said...

ugh. things like that always happen when the husband is gone, hey? So far, over here all is well! Thankfully :) Your pictures the other day were glad I live here!

jessica said...

cracking up over here!