Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just a ramble or two

Our anniversary day. Jari came to have lunch with me at work ... and it worked out that I could join him. Well. I just told everyone I was going and did! Good greasy burgers and fries. Delish! Then I worked until 6:30 pm and was so tired when I came home that I had to take a 30 minute nap. Anniversary evening included Finnish pancakes and starting a puzzle with Tia while listening to a J.A. Jance audio novel. Good thing we celebrate things in the odd way, hey? (Good stuff coming at a later date.)

Somedays this world gets incredibly small. I mean incredibly small! Yesterday I met a couple. A Finnish man with a bride not Finnish. Anway, get this. He was raised in Virginia's Finn Town. He owned a business in the "mall" in Virginia for many years. His wife graduated from the same high school that I did. It gets better. They live here, but winter in Sun City, Arizona where he spends every day on the golf course. His golfing partner? The partner has passed away, but shared our same last name. Too funny. It was actually a gentlemen that we had gone to see a number of years back while wondering if he was related to us or not. Turned out he wasn't.  I'm telling you. The world is just closing in on me.

At the same time ... the temperature outside is creeping upward. Degree by degree. I am so ready for a week (at least) of temps in the 20's instead of hovering at the zero mark. I'm ready for snow! Lots of it! I haven't skiied once this winter .. 'tis a shame. Snow is in the forecast for the coming week and should be starting today. Jari needs to hustle up. He has some roofing material that really needs to get on before the snow flies.

Had a bit of surprise yesterday. I knew it. I forgot it. We're closed New Years Eve. Hmmm. Should I take someone's Call for them? I'm on call New Years Day from 7am to 7 pm. Should I take Eve as well? The calculator says that it would buy me tickets to sunshine if I ended up working it. Do I want to? Guess I have a few days to figure it out. Will see what today brings.

Have a great day. I'm off to walk miles in my Danskos!

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