Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today was stunning.

I'm so glad I left the house.
You'd have never known it looking out the window.
Off to Palmer to run errands and then a small detour.

Is it any wonder I tend to get distracted?

So bright you have to put the visor down in the car,
yet clouds just hanging low in some spots.

My hubby is out hunting on Montague Island with 3 other buddies.
It is one of THOSE places.
They packed like they were women heading on an explore.
Every time I look up something on the Island I come up with sights like this one.
Jari would be thrilled to find a bear to bring home for the wall. Actually, so would I. Not thrilled to find the bear. Thrilled if HE finds one.
Montague Island, at the 2000 census, is the largest uninhabited island in the United States. I fear is it quite inhabited ... just not by the human species.
I just heard a few minutes ago through text message that they are doing fine.
Their mission is to bring home deer. So far ... they're still looking for them.

I spent my day doing paper pile shuffling. Is there any easier way to do that? We don't hae an office. We don't even have space for what might qualify for an office in a corner of our room. Ugh. I shuffled sufficiently. Another day of that and then I can start getting ready for that April 15th thing. Like Christmas isn't enough??!!

Shucks. Gotta run. We have no water. Aaaagh!!

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