Friday, December 24, 2010

Traditions of Christmas

This Christmas Eve morning I am home and free from the duties of a working mom.
With the special treat of a Christmas Eve morning lounging in pajamas,
the laundry is spinning, the last of the gifts are wrapped, the grocery menu and shopping list is ready ...
and I set off to walk down memory lane and share these with you.

One of our Christmas traditions has been the sharing of Christmas greetings with friends and family. They usually involve a photo ... although we have several years where we barely managed a card to immediate family.

Many years I ago I received a gift from a dear friend, Katie.
It is a book called The Family Christmas Book.
The book holds 25 years of Christmas memories.
Some years the writing has been sparse ...
other years they are filled with excitement.
What I do have are all the Christmas cards with life changing moments captured.
Our growing family ....
 some cards included our travels or just days of wonderful play.
some years we used a drawing by one of the kids and never added a picture at all.
The later years of children growing but still available for family photos.

A big family move to the Great North ... all those captured in that years Christmas card.

We all have many treasured memories of our own childhood Christmas traditions. I hope that, as our children are all getting dangerously close to adulthood, we have instilled some of those traditions in our own children.
I hope someday this book will be a treasure that they cherish.

Today as we prepare to celebrate the Birth of Our Savior we share our
wishes with you for a season blessed with peace, love and joy.
May your home be happy,
your hearth warm
 and the peace of the Christ child fill your hearts.


Keilah said...

What fun to look back at your cards through the years! I save all of our Christmas cards too. In fact I put each years' Christmas card into each of the kids' boxes so they'll get to look back too any time they want.

Joni said...

A nice walk down memory lane! We also really enjoy the same Christmas book we got from you guys for a wedding gift. The kids were just reminding me to write in it really soon so I remember all about this Christmas. Mine is like yours, some years have lots of detail, some not quite so much - and almost every year has a picture. So fun!!