Sunday, October 3, 2010

This much crafting should be ...

illegal! (I'll be back on the weekend's crafting when I have photos.)

Yes ...  we are picture less at the moment. My regular computer is having issues today. I went to attempt defrag on it this morning. That is a first. I've never done that before. Dear Hubby is the computer guru around here. I just want it to work when I turn it on. I would also like it to work at a relatively rapid speed. A speed where I can't have time to read the Encyclopedia Britanica while waiting for one page to load.  I digress. You would not believe what I found when I hit that little button this morning. Not enough space left on my computer to even defrag it. Only 4% space available. I know I'm a busy person, but that is ridiculous!

Now what to do. I started deleting. Microsoft Money went away. Who needs it anyway. Just spend what little you have on the lot you need and wing the rest. Just think of all the time I saved by getting rid of that thing. :)  Next went some print program that hasn't been touched since 2007.

Next went pictures. Lots of them. I use Picasa for playing around with photos. I have Adobe but you really don't want to hear that story. The problem (unless I have it set up wrong) with Picasa is that every photo I load onto the computer also goes to Picasa. So let's say I take 300 pictures in a day. They are not only filed by date as my camera loads to My Pictures, then they also all copy to Picasa when I open it to fix ONE measly picture. I started deleting the Picasa ones. Started.

I'm now at 10% available space.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Tomorrow I am going to WalMart.
I am going to purchase an external hard drive.
I am going to move all photos to that bugger.

I hope I don't have to install something ... might have to delete more photos first.

Then I'm hoping I can do something else. I don't know enough about computers to know if this will work. I have a Mac. In fact ... I'm sitting in front of it at the moment. The Mac has a dvd burner. So this is the plan. I'll probably found out in a hurry that it won't work.

Photos onto external thing.
Plug external thing into mac.
Load photos onto virtually empty hard drive (if the Mac has such a thing).
Burn to dvd.

I'm assuming this won't work ... makes too much sense to me. :)

And guess what? This computer does have a few photos on it after all!

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