Friday, October 8, 2010

Better late than never!

Finally a few shots from last Saturday.
Any excuse is a good excuse to get together and play with paper and fun stuff.
Amber has hoards of it ... simply loads of it ... an entire room devoted to her love of crafting. It is a playground for some serious fun. :)
We had no specific goal in mind .. just to spend part of our day creating ... which we did.

My goal was to use up some things I have. I don't care how old the stuff is. Well ... there are some things I've held onto for life that really need to hit the trash. I'm not about trendy. I'm not about doodads in my scrapbooking .. which makes doodads for card making nonexistant. Then there is Amber's room .. whew! I took this idea from Kim over at Think Fast. Fun stuff! 

Then I moved onto these lovely little things. Quite a while ago I saw (probably Martha Stewart) these little decorations done with left over greeting cards. I've done some with greeting cards and then moved onto card stock. 8 circles made folded to make triangles in the middle and then glued together. I still need to spray some glittering stuff on them ... fun tho'! 

In other stuff:
  • the temp outdoors is 28 degrees this morning
  • my car windshield needs scraping
  • decided that I should probably turn the heater on in the house
  • Jari comes home tonite from the slope
  • he will be wearing a tee shirt tomorrow ... I'm sure of it
  • Anna went off to school this morning all gussied up and looking fine
  • Brock moved to the couch to sleep last night .. must really be time to turn on heat downstairs
  • I actually heard the alarm at 5:15 this morning and by 7:00 have a gut ache from all the coffee I've drank
  • Tia is designing clothes and needing a trip to Joanns
  • the chickens eat amazing amounts of feed .. and we only have four of them
  • their world is nice and warm, probably warmer than my mud room
  • earlier this week the forecast was for snow today ... I can see a sky full of stars this morning .. maybe that means no snow forecasted anymore
  • my peas are still blooming on the porch
  • It is Friday ... and I'm incredibly thankful.


mrs. skoog said...

your crafts turned out ADORABLE!!!!
uh-oh, now my mind and fingers are getting itchy. oh dear, what chores are going to be neglected at my house now.....

Anonymous said...

How fun your card making day must have been! I would love to join you ladies! :)

Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Oh, you crafty girl! Love it! That looks like so much fun.