Monday, October 18, 2010

We have come to this stage of life

The stage of life called Life Behind Spectacle Lenses.
We can't see diddly squat without them.
I haven't been able to see linen for quite a while now to cross stitch. Then again ... I really haven't had any time to do that anyway.
I can still read a book without them ... and my arms are still long enough.

I do have one concern about this aging thing.
It has to do with the inventor of the i-phone.
How on earth are you suppose to see the screen?
Scratch that. You just buy a cheap pair of glasses from Target. :)

Don't you think they'd come up with something that is a little more user friendly for those being visually challenged at this stage of life?
Especially being as I heard that Apple's net profits this year were in the billions.
Yes, with a B.
Maybe include a screen that needs a carry on size bag to transport it around in?
In the meantime, we'll just use those cheap reading glasses.
Target has a bunch in their dollar bins this week.
I picked up 5 more pairs.
We ought to be good for a while.
At least we can see well enough to find those!

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Jessica said...

true! didn't think about you (old) people with seeing difficulties. :P