Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another day off ...

While the piano tuner did his thing ... I did mine.
I have never been a doodad scrapper.
Usually I prefer to capture our life without too much extra stuff ...
at least get photos somewhere where we'll someday see them again, rather than leaving them in the world of bytes and kilobytes.

Then off to check out a new school for Tia. The bus ride might be a bit long ... the class sizes would be much friendlier for her. Not that a class size of one isn't bad. THAT size works just fine ... as long as one has a teacher present. (That just isn't reality here.)

Stop at WalMart. I walked around the store with a cart and only had one roll of packing tape in it. Are you impressed? I left with only one roll of packing tape. It's sort of like going to Costco and only buying one jar of pickles!

Treat the girls to Taco Bell and then a stop at the post office. It is in the mail!!

Anna to take her permit test. She passed!! We have a new driver in the house ... and I feel safe sitting in the passenger seat. I had her drive to craft nite last evening. Dark and windy roads ... and I still have my fingernails attached! The ride was safe. The car was rather stinky. My other assistant was helping me pull the gas nozzle out of the tank and forgot to release the trigger. Really stinky.

Jari worked downstairs all day long. I did snap some pictures and thought about uploading this morning. However, if I start that we'll never make it to work or school on time today. Drywall is nearly all up! Going to look incredibly nice when it is done. :)

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