Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another weekend ... bagged.

My phone doesn't manage to take any good photos .. as you can tell!
After a full day of working around the house, Jari & I dropped Tia off at hockey and then ran over to Amber & Ryan's for coffee on Saturday evening.
Nolan was quite proud of his moose he "bagged".
Isn't this just beyond precious?
He wanted to hang it on the wall ... like his dad does.

He didn't get his wish.
But he was able to proudly show off his moose that he "bagged".
Ziploc really needs to borrow him for some advertising gimicks.


The basement bedroom is almost ready for electrical work already. My husband gets on a project and he can't stop. The closet needs to be framed in. A bit more insulation. Electrical. Getting there!! All that extra insulation in that room has even warmed up my laundry room. Grand thing ... especially since my card making lives in the laundry room.

I manged to get a gift boxed up. I did take pictures of it and will share them with you ... after I get word that the gift is received. I have a problem in the gift giving department. I always want it to be the "right" gift. That causes a problem sometimes. Much too often the gift never gets sent. This one I'm quite thrilled with. I hope the recipient is!

My bedroom got vacuumed and dusted. (That is major accomplishment!)

Dinner. I made it. Two days in a row!
Tia & I made dinner for tomorrow nite as well. It is in the refrigerator. Just needs a transfer of pan into hot oven tomorrow ... and they can eat. This just might work.

Tomorrow is Monday already. I think I'm going to go to bed.
Have a great Monday!

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Darn he is cute!! :)