Saturday, October 16, 2010

Does an uncle know ...

that little people hang on his every word?

Does he know that she may never forget these little moments?

Moments where she was taught to show kindness and to trust?

Does an uncle know that there is a child who watches where his feet have trod?

Not just this uncle.
So many uncles.
So many fortunate children.
Sometimes I think the uncle doesn't know.
Sometimes I think he doesn't realize.
A child looks at him ... his failures ... his successes.
A child measures his decisions ... his actions ... his words.

Sometimes I think the uncle just doesn't know
the impact he will have on the little lives whose eyes follow
his every movement.


Joni said...

What a sweet post! And so true! And the pictures are sooo cute!

Joyce said...

This post did a little tug on the heart strings. I like the wording you gave with each wonderful picture! Would you be ok if I copied this post?

Anita said...

Absolutely Joyce!