Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A post in honor of those who have fought breast cancer and those who are still fighting. I have a great way to show your support. Avon has the funnest tote for sale. They have combined the artwork of our beloved Finnish design Marimekko with the fight for breast cancer and have this tote available for $10. It is big enough to fit your sauna stuff ... your knitting stuff ... your overnite things. After seeing it, I ordered another one.

Inside zipper pocket as well as two other little pockets to hold cell phone or whatnot. 

If you're interested in adding to your bag stash, and don't have an Avon dealer in your neighborhood, they are available at their website online.


Joni said...

Wow! You couldn't buy this at the kirpputori for 10 dollars! I should order one - I'm going to be in Mn in a few weeks, could have it sent to a sibling's house!

unkamike7 said...

Hay Folks;
I lost yer blog & email address ya gave me on yer last visit ta AZ.
Old folks do those kinda things.
Loved the pictures. Need ta get Brock a Cowboy Hat and loose the cap. He has a good face for it. Ta show ya how cool I am this is the first time I have got into ANY blog. Yers is neat. What is Yari doin on the North Slope?
Happy Trails
Mike Mikl

The Rudstroms said...

I bought this tote recently & think it's just adorable. I was amazed at the price for a Marimekko design so I jumped on it. Glad you're spreading the news.

Sharyn said...

oh man. you are an enabler - I just bought three of them. One for me and two for gifts! Thank you!

Anita said...

I knew there would be folks out there who would totally appreciate the Marimekko label ... and you can't beat the price!

Jenny Kuoppala said...

I keep coming back to this post thinking I am going to order one up for me, because they are darling, and so cheap. but i guess not cheap enough for me right now. shucks anyways.