Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We've been constructing again ...

this time it was a sauna!
Wishing it was a real one that one could have a rip roaring fire in without burning down the entire "sauna". This type of sauna stove didn't have quite the hit on the pocket book that a functioning one would. :)

It even has enough seating to fit the entire family and their friends! 

We really are working again. I don't know why I continue to use the word "we". There is nothing "we" about this. I nod and say, "looks great!" and Jari just moves on to the next thing. It's really quite awesome. Although I'm not sure I like the reflection in this window, I'm going to love the room when it is done. Bedroom coming up sometime before all the kids have grown and moved from home. Getting this little piece done before the snow flies and the thermometer dips was a big plus. The rest doesn't require too much access to the outside world. 

We will all thoroughly appreciate it when it is done.

I have a schedule for 10 hour shifts. Did I tell you that?
Today I scheduled the first trips to the dentist.
I scheduled the piano tuner. I tried to be very honest with him.
I told him it is very bad.
Beyond bad.
Can't wait to have a violin and flute playing with me ...
once we're in tune again.
We might even sound decent for the first time in a long while!


mrs. skoog said...

lucky you!!!! a sauna!!!!! looking good so far!!

Joni said...

I trust that you'll have a real sauna some day!