Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our "Guest House" is gone.

After trying, rather off and on, for the past two months to sell our 5th wheel ... we brought it south this past Saturday for someone who was seriously interested. We met him halfway ... he loved it ... and he bought it. I hope I don't miss it too badly.

Turnagain Arm was still lit with a little color ...

I watched scenery, and of course snapped the camera, in between paging through these books from Terri. Card making and scrapbooking ideas galore. Left one book behind ... and still nearly ran out of post it tabs! Looks like I have some things cut out for the To Do List.

Was really loving the splash of gold at the base of the mountains.

And then we hit traffic nearing the turnoff to Whittier. We sat for nearly an hour with no idea why .. until the munched truck and boat came by. Looked like they had jack knifed on the bridge.

I really don't mind waiting in traffic when the scenery looks like this, the heater is blowing warm in the truck and I have something to keep my hands busy.

You really can't beat the view.

The pass was covered in clouds and frost. I could have stopped umpteen times to snap again, but we did have a destination and this sitting in traffic was making us a bit late.

Coopers Landing has obviously avoided our wind. The leaves are still on the trees ...

We spent the rest of the weekend in services activity. The Stewarts were here from Seattle. It was a really uplifting weekend ... I needed that.

In other things:
  • Jari is home and BUSY (Mike: Jari was doing some training and teaching up on the North Slope.)
  • Happy Birthday to Alyx who celebrated her 19th Birthday in Minnesota over the weekend. She will be home in several days!
  • Happy Birthday to my dear dad who celebrates his 73rd Birthday today and to my awesome SIL Tarja who celebrates hers as well today! (She really isn't 73 yet.)
  • Have a great recipe to share with you ... later
  • My 10 hour shifts start next week giving me a day off each week to get to the dentist among other things. I'll still be able to spend a few minutes on here in the mornings. My starting time hasn't changed. My dinner making has. :)
  • I'm taxi to Anna today. Car needs to run for a bit or it just whines at me. Gotta run!

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Joyce said...

That sure was a nice fifth-wheeler. Very comfy sleeping and the space was very nice. It was an awesome "guest house". Thanks again for letting us stay in it while we were up that way!