Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two days in a row!

You'll understand.
Very shortly.

So, I came home from work today after getting out 15 minutes early, and was on my bed underneath a blanket at about the time I should be leaving work.
Up again in an hour.
Brewed a pot of coffee. (It is a habit. I didn't drink any of it.)
Asked the girls (my littles) what they wanted for dinner.
Looked in the fridge and told them to help themselves to leftovers ... took my blanket ... and hit the couch.
In a most awkward position that should have my neck crooked by the time I woke up.
Jari called.
Alyx called.
I slept.
I heard Brock come and go.
I heard Fred come and go.
I heard Anna say she didn't feel so hot either.
I slept some more.
Then it was sometime after 9pm and I finally listened to Tia tell me for the hundreth time that my neck was going to hurt if I didn't move. She'd been shooing me off to my bed for quite a while by now. I wasn't listening any better than she ever does when I try do that.
I made myself a yummy piece of peanut butter toast ... grabbed a gigantic cup of ice water ... 3000 mg of vit C ... some oil potions ... and sat here for a minute. Have blog hopped from Northern MN to Northern Arizona to the north of Alaska to the city of Phoenix ... may as well blog a moment myself.

Hubby left today for the North Slope. He'll be gone until he is ready to come home. Maybe a little longer than that .. he really does like to be home. Even if our house seems to be run by hormonal teens and their hormonal mother. Poor guy.

Alyx is off vacationing in Minnesota. She left on Monday. Wonder what she was calling about this evening. I'll have to call her back when I'm awake.

My house is really quiet .. and feeling rather large at the moment. People holed up in their own corners ... sleeping or drawing.

I'm going back to my comfy spot ... under the blanket. Let's hope tomorrow goes a wee bit better. I'm On Call and it could be a very long day.

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Dominique Kee said...

I came across your blog randomly and I wanted to let you know that I love your pictures! I take photographs and I've got a (relatively new) photoblog myself. Alaska looks beautiful! I'm from somewhere much warmer though - all the way Eastward, in Malaysia. Cheers!