Friday, September 10, 2010

Some mornings

my world looks like this.
Socked in with so much fog that you would think there is an ocean on the other side of those trees.
You might even imagine that if you take a 10 minute drive you'd get to some larger body of water than the river bed. Okay. It is a large river bed ... not a creek bed.

Not today.
Today it is crystal clear out there.
This morning I saw a star in the sky.
Not my first of the season.
I saw the first one the other day. I had to keep looking to see if I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing. An airplane? No, that was the moving light to the right. The star was to the left. Must have been one!
This morning there is a star in the sky. For sure.

This morning my world is still and chilly.
I can sit outside and hear the sounds of traffic as folks move about to start their day ... and I hear the sounds of train whistles blowing.
Don't you just love a train whistle?
Especially when the thermometer reads 37 degrees this morning, the sky is crystal clear ... and the heater has turned itself on for the first time this year.

10 hours to the weekend ... not that I'm counting or anything.

I am spending a few valuable minutes this morning checking out this upcoming week's coupons. I love this handy tool. (Not that I've used it much, but would hate to buy things on sale when I know a coupon is coming out in the paper the next day.) Check it out if you're a coupon shopper. Just click on Find Out! What coupons are in this Sundays paper and you can see a list of the coupons coming out on Sunday. Then ... decide if you want to buy a paper or not! Or really make the major media folks happy and just read the news online!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I'll have to remember to look at that site every week! This last sunday's paper had no coupons in it! and my neihbor guy gives me his paper too...and his didn't have any either!
Brrrr...can't believe it is that cold there already! it seems just crazy. we are loving the cooler weather here these last few days. in the 90's and mornings are actually a little cool! summer is on it's way out!!
have a good weekend!